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Brose is the world's fourth-largest family-owned automotive supplier. Every year, Brose supplies the automotive industry with several million electric motors. Brose has transferred this knowledge and designed an innovative drive system for electric bicycles.

"When we first heard about this new format, we were immediately hooked," explains Antje Geyer, Head of Marketing Micromobility at Brose. "Especially in the very dynamic bicycle industry, it is important to have the time and the right setting for networking and exchange with the decision makers of the bicycle and micromobility industry. We are proud to be a part of it and hope that the Mobility Network Night will be a valuable experience for everyone."


VeloConcerts is a sustainable, mobile stage which can unfold in minutes. We like to keep things simple and let you focus on what you love most: performing. At every phase of development, we’ve had a ‘plug and play’ philosophy in mind. From the moment a rider jumps on the bike to the moment the set is complete, every stage of the process is intuitive and efficient. The VeloStage unfolds in minutes and disappears without a trace after the event.


my Boo builds unique bicycles from bamboo, together with a social project in Ghana. In 80 hours of handwork, real unique pieces with special riding comfort are created.

  • Stable as steel, light as aluminum and comfortable as carbon
  • Weatherproof, UV-resistant, scratch-resistant varnish
  • Tested according to ISO standard – up to 5 years warranty on the frame upon registration.
  • Assembly of all models in our factory in Kiel
  • Each purchase finances a school in Ghana with 500 children


The innovative Bluetooth tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) for bikes and e-bikes monitors the pressure and temperature of the bike tires, leading to increased safety for e-trekking, e-city, e-mountain and e-cargo bikers.

More safety, more comfort.

A beer completely without alcohol, but with 100% flavor: With its isotonic effect and vitamin content, our 0.0% Pils Alkoholfrei is the perfect refreshment and Germany's most popular 0.0% Alkoholfrei.

SAZbike is the specialist journal for the bike industry in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Current news, analyses of market events including detailed figures as well as appealing product information and presentations characterise the issues. We accompany the Eurobike with daily updated issues.

Sensata Technologies is a global industrial technology company striving to create a cleaner, more efficient, electrified and connected world. Through our broad portfolio of sensors, electrical protection components and sensor-rich solutions which create valuable business insights, we help our customers address increasingly complex engineering and operating performance requirements.

Inventions that improve and simplify everyday life are often the best. Especially if, at first, we didn't realise we could do any better. Such innovations become so commonplace so quickly that it is hard to imagine how one could ever live without them.

The Tracefy GPS solution for managing (fleets of) small (electric) vehicles is one such invention. An invisibly concealed GPS tracker provides the owner of e-bikes, e-scooters and other (e-)mobility vehicles with valuable data in real time, giving him an insight into the location, performance and state of repair of each individual vehicle. and Magazin are among the leading trade media for the bicycle trade and other market participants in German-speaking countries. While online focuses on the latest industry news, the print medium Magazin goes into more depth in terms of content. The successful concept of Magazin is as follows: Ten print issues, each with a main topic, supplement the online news of with reports, interviews and background information.

The Bundesverband Zukunft Fahrrad is a German trade association based in Berlin consisting of dynamic and innovative companies from all areas of the bicycle industry: service providers, manufacturers, retailers, digitalization start-ups and suppliers. Whether new or well-established companies in a rapidly growing and constantly changing market, we all have a common goal: sustainable mobility change. We are convinced that the bicycle is a central element for sustainable mobility in the 21st century. We contribute our market expertise to the political decision-making process through our association activities, sustainably strengthening the bicycle in all its variations.


biciTALENT is the leading recruitment service for the European Bicycle Industry. With our superb network, we fill your vacancies fast, discreetly, and find the best possible match for your company. Our international team consists of different native speakers with different local networks, and a long track record in the bike industry, so that besides our home markets DACH (GAS) & BeNeLux, we are also operative in most other European markets nowadays.

Have you ever heard the saying "It was a simpler time" when describing the past? At COBAGS, we want to make the future a "simpler time". With innovative design and problem-oriented thinking, we aim to develop products that make your life easier and safer with practical, eco-friendly solutions.

You should not have to compromise for a good future. Let's make it simple.

In the TUNAP Sports technical line you will find everything for a quick cleaning as well as the appropriate care and regular service for your bike. The application of the individual cleaning and care products is simple and very efficient. The TUNAP Sports BodyCare line is specially designed for the needs of athletes. The functional cosmetics offer safe protection and care for the skin, targeted relaxation for the muscles or quick and effective help for injuries.


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